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Your Akanas are made to last and with proper care, they can live to a happy old age. Here is how...

Keep them in a well-ventilated spot away from direct sunshine, direct heat or high temperatures. This will protect the integrity of the natural leather and keep it soft and healthy.

For calf-hair Akanas- brush with a soft brush or wipe with a soft dry or damp cloth in the direction of the hair. Avoid any cleaner, excessive water and repetitive rubbing on the same spot. This may result in balding the leather.

For leather Akanas - wipe with a soft damp clean cloth and finish by buffing with a smooth, soft cloth.

For nubuck and suede Akanas – use a rubber eraser to spot clean dirt and smudges. For a general clean, use a soft nubuck brush and always brush in the same direction. Avoid wire / rough brushes and shoe polish.

The rubber soles protect the tanned buffalo mid-soles and the stitching underneath but the rubber soles themselves can wear over time. This totally depends on how you walk. We ask you to replace these rubber soles (any cobbler can do this) as soon as any damage becomes visible.

As with any other quality leather shoe, avoid getting them wet. But sometimes weather is unpredictable (we are looking at you Melbourne) and if they do get wet do not fret, instead initiate the following protocol:

Carefully wipe away any dirt or mud.

Dry inside and out with a clean cloth.

Stuff newspaper or a clean dry cloth inside to draw out moisture.

Air out and dry indoors for 1-2 days away from direct heat and direct sunshine.

Wear them again when they are slightly damp.

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