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Our Story

It all started in January 2020 when Can, a native of Gaziantep, Turkey, introduced Serenay to the beauty of handcrafted shoes from his hometown. They were captivated by the artistry and decided to set out on a journey to bring these unique shoes to Australia.

With a humble beginning of just 50 pairs, team of husband and wife set out to share the story of talented traditional shoemakers. They took on the challenge of modernizing the traditional design while preserving the rich cultural heritage that inspired them.

Motivated by their love for supporting local communities,
the couple formed partnerships with talented shoemakers in Gaziantep, ensuring that each pair of Akana is meticulously crafted with precision and care. They foster a close-knit collaboration with their team, cultivating an environment where creativity and expertise intertwine seamlessly.

Join Can and Serenay on their journey to celebrate Turkish heritage through the artistry of Akanas. Let each step in these handcrafted shoes transport you to the heart of Gaziantep where the legacy of skilled artisans is cherished and elevated.

A Sneak Peek of Our Journey

Since the beginning, we've cherished every challenge and triumph along our journey. Our commitment remains unwavering: delivering exceptional shoes and customer service with every step.

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