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Embark on a journey into the rich heritage of Akana, where over seven centuries of craftsmanship have perfected handmade leather shoes. Our meticulous process and use of the finest materials ensure each pair stands the test of time. Specialising in handcrafted leather loafers, podiatrist-approved barefoot shoes, and sandals, we blend timeless craftsmanship with modern design. Our passion lies in creating footwear that not only looks stunning but also offers unparalleled comfort and durability.


Crafted to replicate the barefoot experience, our shoes feature a natural foot shape and preserve natural foot function. Guided by Andy Bryant, a Melbourne podiatrist with 20 years of experience and a champion of the Barefoot Movement, our shoes promote stronger foot muscles, better posture, and improved balance. Learn more about Andy on his Website or Instagram.


Our classic range features a regular toe box, similar to most standard shoes on the market, perfect for those who appreciate a classic fit and feel. Akana Classic Leather Loafers are designed to offer a comfortable fit for everyday wear.

Double Needle Stitching

Each pair of Akanas is crafted using our proprietary Double-Needle Stitching Technique, which joins the upper, insole, and midsole with beeswax cotton twine. This method ensures exceptional durability, making your Akanas sturdy companions for years to come. When they wear out, we restitch them to extend their life even further.

Uppers and Lining

Crafted from premium full-grain cowhide, the leather used in Akanas highlights its natural beauty and exceptional durability. For the lining, we use only naturally tanned, ultra-soft cowhide. This chemical-free tanning process ensures superior breathability, keeping your feet fresh and comfortable all day long.

Leather Midsole

But it doesn't stop there. The midsole of Akanas is made from water buffalo skin, treated with traditional techniques that avoid the use of chemicals. As you wear them, the buffalo skin begins to mould itself to the exact shape of your feet, providing orthopaedic benefits and comfort.

Replaceable Rubber Soles

Akanas feature Italian non-slip outer rubber soles, enhancing durability and protecting the midsoles. These high-quality soles are replaceable, allowing a cobbler to refresh your shoes and extend their lifespan. This process can be repeated, letting your Akanas age gracefully and develop a beautiful patina.


We see a sustainable future with responsibly made leather. By working with tanneries that are members of the Leather Working Group, we aim for greater supply chain transparency and minimal environmental impact. Our leather is produced using sustainable practices, minimizing environmental impact. The LWG promotes responsible manufacturing through stringent standards for water and energy use, waste management, and chemical safety. By supporting these tanneries, we contribute to the preservation of natural resources and the reduction of pollution, helping to protect the environment for future generations.

Men's Tan Black Leather Loafers-Side

Black/Tan Leather Loafers


Men's Cocoa Leather Loafers, Side

Cocoa Leather Loafers Men


Men's Navy Blue Leather Loafers, side

Navy Blue Leather Loafers



We accept returns within 2 weeks, provided our shoes have only been tried indoors for fitting and show no signs of damage or wear.


Since our establishment in 2020, we have proudly operated as a trusted Australian business, committed to providing exceptional products and service.


Visit our physical store at the South Melbourne Market. Rest assured, you can always find us there to assist with your needs.

Customize Your Perfect Leather Hue!

We believe colours play a vital role in our lives, reflecting personal style and preference. That's why we offer more than just black or brown. If our stocked colours don't meet your needs, you can choose your favourite from our extensive leather swatches. We have a colour for every taste! Plus, there's no extra charge for this service.

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Purchased a pair of exquisitely handcrafted shoes from Akana. Despite my initial disappointment when they didn't have my size in leopard print, they went above and beyond by offering me a custom-made service. Exceptional service, highly recommended.

Caglar Y.

I recently had the pleasure of having my Akanas♥️, and I must say, they have completely exceeded my expectations. If you're seeking a pair of shoes that will make you forget you're even wearing them, I recommend giving Akana a try!

Asli C.

After walking New York, this is Yosemite National Park- These Akana Lace ups are averaging 25,000 steps daily, now well in to second week- couldn't be happier.

Suzanne A.

Love the shoes! Very comfortable and high quality handmade shoes, sold by a lovely couple. Customised colour and combination is also available with lots of colour options. I got mine custom-made with half navy and half brown.

Dory S.

Fantastic service and very friendly people. Products are the best quality and extremely comfortable. Best decision I made was to get a pair. Already have a second pair on order.

Peiye T.

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