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We are delighted to share an exceptional review from Michelle, a highly respected physical therapist specialising in foot, ankle, and lower leg injuries. Michelle recently had the opportunity to experience the remarkable benefits of Akana's handcrafted barefoot shoes. Her insightful feedback underscores the unique features, superior craftsmanship, and support for natural foot movement that our shoes provide. I am passing Michelle's words as they are, so you can hear firsthand how her experiences were. Join us as we delve into Michelle's comprehensive review and discover the numerous advantages of choosing Akana barefoot shoes.


“ *I bought these myself*

I discovered Akana thanks to @andybryant_podiatrist and I was very keen to get a pair and support a local shop. Custom made Turkish shoe? Yes. Please!

🦶🏼Can and Serenay are lovely people!When you go in, they have all the sizes for you to try on and then a thick book full of leathers to choose from (it’s almost too many options!) There are 4 styles to choose from- 2 slip ons, 1 lace up and 1 boot (which is new!)

🦶🏼I ordered a size 39 in the slip on. I’m technically a 38.5 in these but that’s not an option. I opted for the larger size with a thin insole instead of risking a tight fit
They’re made of cowhide and buffalo skin. The sole is a natural rubber. It’s a bit thicker than I’m used to but not in a bad way. They are hand made and hand stitched in Turkey, so they take a few weeks to arrive after ordering

🦶🏼 I was a bit concerned that the sole would be too stiff after I picked them up, but they don’t feel stiff when they’re on your feet and they keep getting more supple as I wear them. They also felt a bit loose around my mid foot, initially but actually, they fit very well and I have not slipped out of them. I can wear a thin sock or go barefoot in them (which they note is fine and they won’t stink or cause blisters). If you have a low-volume foot, you might prefer the lace up

🦶🏼 They are beautifully crafted shoes. I have been wearing them more than I thought I would and see them becoming a regular wear. I can dress them up or down. I have had loads of compliments on them and this pink is a fun neutral to play with

🦶🏼Highly recommend these! I foresee another pair or two in my future

🦶🏼If you’re in Melbourne, pop in. If you’re not, check them out online

@akanastore "

We are incredibly grateful to Michelle for recommending our handcrafted barefoot shoes. Her review serves as a testament to our commitment to providing exceptional footwear that supports natural foot movement, comfort, and style. At Akana, we strive to empower individuals to embrace foot health and rediscover the joy of barefoot walking with our barefoot shoe range. We invite you to explore our collection and experience the Akana difference for yourself. Step into a world of comfort, freedom, and enhanced well-being as you embrace the beauty of walking naturally.


Thank you,

Akana Handcrafts

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